Re: Kynn's Last Call Comments on CSS TV Profile 1.0

Tantek Çelik wrote:
> On 5/23/02 1:42 PM, "Kynn Bartlett" <> wrote:
> >
> > Section 6 of the proposal states that:
> >
> >     4.  The TV-UA SHALL support author originating style sheets.
> >         The TV-UA MAY support user or user-agent originating
> >         style sheets.
> >
> > User and user-agent style sheets are essential to ensuring equal
> > access to CSS-based documents by people with disabilities, and are
> > a critical part of the cascade. The word MAY should be replaced by
> > SHALL.
> I agree that user style sheets are very beneficial to the user, but
> typically this is true only on devices such as desktop computers that have a
> keyboard etc. In fact, UAAG 1.0 explicitly recognizes this appropriate
> targeting for itself, and states it clearly[2].

If the device allows any sort of user preferences that affect the
rendering of a page, such as choosing link colors, these are
considered part of the user stylesheet whether or not they are
implemented as a style sheet.

CSS2:6.4 - "the user agent may provide an interface that
            generates a user style sheet (or behave as
            if it did)"

CSS2 requires a user agent to have a UA stylesheet for the document
or to behave as if it did. There's no reason to change this for any
device; a stylesheet /can/ be blank. And I'm sure any UA that claims
to read HTML will have, or behave as if it had, a default user agent

CSS2:6.4 - "Conforming user agents must apply a default
            style sheet (or behave as if they did) prior
            to all other style sheets for a document."

I conclude that all of CSS2:6.4 can be applied to the TV profile as
it stands.

Received on Friday, 14 June 2002 18:29:54 UTC