Column pseudo-class: a proposal

The CSS3 Text module (<
20020515>) notes that "The 'writing-mode' and 'direction' properties, 
when specified for table column elements, are not inherited by cells in 
the column [...]. Thus, CSS cannot easily capture the "dir" attribute 
inheritance rules described in [[HTML4.01], section 11.3.2. "

This problem affects all other properties, as well.

The solution is a pseudo-class that selects 'table-cell' elements by 
matching the column in which the 'table-cell' elements reside.

Consider the following example.

th:in-column(colgroup.totals > col)

Details like the pseudo-class's name, specificity, and applicability are 
open for discussion.

Etan Wexler <>

Received on Wednesday, 12 June 2002 17:22:01 UTC