Re: Hanging indent

[Mon, 3 Jun 2002 21:51:00 +0200] Bert Bos:
>6) Both solutions, a new property and a new value for 'text-indent',
>would also have a problem with backwards compatibility, because CSS2
>implementations would not show any effect at all, neither an indent
>nor an outdent.
>In short, the working group would like to see more convincing
>examples, before trying to add anything to CSS3.

A much simpler solution --- in my humble opinion --- would be to define
negative text-indent values as setting the first line of a block flush
with the content edge and indenting the following lines by the appropriate
amount.  The margin/border/padding values then continue to mean
(in an intuitive sense) what they mean in any other context.

This does have the serious disadvantage of being incompatible with CSS2;
I submit that in all other respects, it makes far more sense than saying
that negative values cause the text to move out of the content area.

Consider, for example: what happens with the CSS2 method of creating
hanging indents should the overflow property be other than visible?
Randall Joseph Fellmy aka

Received on Tuesday, 4 June 2002 03:42:29 UTC