RE: X11 Colors (was Last call comments on CSS3 module: color)

> From: Tantek Çelik []

> > 1. If the X11 colors are already in common use, it's going 
> to make little
> > difference whether they're formally included, omitted or deprecated:
> > practical user agents are still going to have to support 
> them.  The major
> > difference would be whether validators flag them or not --- 
> I'd say it's
> > better to let the validators distinguish "correct" color 
> names from errors
> > than to lead authors to ignore all validator messages about 
> color names.
> Or even better to let validators distinguish between "correct",
> "deprecated", and "incorrect" values for that matter.

<grin/>See the recent posts on the tag archives on validators vs browsers.
error recovery practices  thread.

No contest.

Regards DaveP


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