Re: How to specify the font for tooltips in IE?

On 18 Jan 2002, at 16:46, Chris Croome wrote:

> I'm working on some Punjabi web pages and I have them working using
> the Arial unicode font specified in the CSS and everything works OK
> apart from the tooptips -- they are not using the unicode font so just
> display blocks for each letter.
> Is there an IE CSS extension for setting the tooltip font?

Hi Chris,

I'm not aware of any IE specific selector for title attributes. 

Not sure this URL will work without cookies ...

...but it says that "language" encoding may be detected 
automatically by IE, unless it is set explicitly (View > Encoding). I 
suspect this may be done using a meta http-equiv attribute rather 
than HTTP headers. IE has a reputation for ignoring Content-Type 
headers and deducing such properties from the file extension or  
other content.

The http-equiv option is an explicit part of HTML 4 may have been 
introduced to cover this feature:

See example 2 under "Respect the character set of a resource 
when one is explicitly given".

If this doesn't work, I suspect the encoding for the title attribute is 
an oversight:




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