Re: Rendering question

Rust Randal wrote:
> If i set the "display" property of a <div> to "none," does the 
User Agent
> STILL render the image?  Or does it just skip over it?

The specifications of CSS contain the definitive answer (CSS1:5.6.1 
<>, CSS2:9.2.5 
 There is no need to ask on a list.

If one needs to ask a question of this sort, the appropriate forum 
is <news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets>.  Of 
course, the seeker of knowledge is strongly urged to read the 
FAQs (<>) before posting, 
lest the raging Flavell strike.

> The reason for the question is that a client has requested a 
"text only"
> version of the site, which is fine, but if I can use one page for 
> versions, rather than constructing two separate sites, by 
simply using
> Javascript to show/hide images, then that would be great.

If you have done a decent job as a document creator, and if 
your client's user agent is not severely broken, a 
document referencing images should render acceptably even 
when images are not rendered.

In order to show and hide images, I suggest a number of 
alternate style sheets.  JavaScript would be my last resort.

Etan Wexler

Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2002 16:15:38 UTC