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On Monday 07 January 2002 21:04, bekah wrote:
|   Thank you for the informed reply.
|   You said:
|   >Most likely, XHTML Basic will be here even in 5 years.
|   >Apply core modules of CSS3 (already implemented in CSS2 and somewhat
|   > defined in CSS3) - say, BoxModel (without Positioning, Tables) on XHTML
|   > Basic - and would say, you are on a "safe side"  [:-)]
|   Would you please point me to both specifications and instructional sites?

Here they are:

W3C Recommendation 19 December 2000

 Modularization of XHTML
W3C Recommendation 10 April 2001

Introduction to CSS3 

also worth reading:

CSS Mobile Profile 1.0
Working Draft 29 Jan 2001
Latest version: 

if you are not familiar (yeat) with CSS2, than read this as well:
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2
CSS2 SpecificationW3C Recommendation 12-May-1998
Latest version: 

As about instructional sites - you may want to check for 
CSS designs and bug work-arounds.
But I doubt that you will find somewhere CSS3 Tutorial. If you are interested 
in CSS3, I can send you several examples I did - but they are rather basic, 
just to illustrate some new properties.
As about XHTML basic - well, make a page in XHTML 1.1, strip all the fat, and 
you are at XHTML basic already ;-)
Short and simple hint: do not use any properties in HTML/XHTML, use CSS for 
layouting/formatting, and you will find that XHTML is more easy to master 
than HTML.

|   Bekah


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