Reframing my question

Dear w3 style list:

I asked a question (below) about navigation and CSS recently. I was 
going to post some examples to this list.
But as I study the problem more, I find new questions arise.

The accessibility universe is in a state of expansion. New user agents 
are being developed. Decisions I make now
on web design may be obsolete in a few years.

I have succeeded in separating structure from presentation. I am using 
CSS to control the look of my HTML page, but not
consistently from browser to browser.

Am I wasting my time orchestrating my style sheets to work with each 
browser especially since my content is not due to be published for at 
least 6 years?

By that time, will a portable document standard be available for 
universal accessibility?


> Hi,
> I am using cascading style sheets to implement accessible webpages.
> My pages are looking good in alternative browsers except for one 
> problem: navigation.
> The voice browsers run my boxes together (I am using classes and ids 
> and DIVs.)
> Can anyone point me to a good reference on how to fix this? I do not 
> see one handy at .
> Also, is difficult to scroll on both 
> mozilla and IE.
> Thank you,
> Bekah

Received on Monday, 7 January 2002 10:19:31 UTC