Re: Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

Shelby Moore wrote:
[>Ian Hickson wrote:]
>>Ok well you write the algorithm that you propose we include in the CSS
>>spec, preferably compatible with the majority of CSS' users' languages
> End of sentence character.

Do you mean that one would use style like

p {
	sentence-spacing: 1.5em;
	sentence-end-of-character: ".";

or something slightly more sophisticated? Note that my example falls 
down even with something as simple as "Pi is about 3.1415." -- notice 
both periods.

> It is the most popular on the web by far.  In fact, I saw a statistic
> recently on CNN how English is advancing at a ravishing pace.  It is

URL to the said statistic? There's an expression: lie, whopper, 
statistic. It might be that majority of web pages (publicly accessible 
files) are written in English. But if that isn't what they did say, I 
would like to know how they know that majority of the users are reading 
those pages. There's, for example, the great firewall of China so 
there're pretty many people that cannot access, for example, CNN web pages.

IMO, much harder and more important issue for non-English web pages is 
hyphenation. My mother tongue, Finnish, can contain words like 
"lentotapaturmavakuutusautomaatti" which makes default rendering 
(especially word wrapping) pretty ugly in often used user agents. The 
only (that I know of) available fix for the issue is to use ­ inside 
words but not all user agents support that correctly.


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