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Christos Cheretakis wrote:

>   I remember Mr. Karasavidis referring to a page of the greek Ministry 
> of Culture for their service offices, but I cannot get to that URL right 
> now.
I was referring to

Ian Hickson wrote:
 > Are you really sure that modern greek numbers are only defined in
 >the range:
 >   1..89, 100..189, 200..289, 300..389, 400..489, 500..589, 600..689,
 >   700..789, 800..889, 1000..1089, 1100..1189, 1200..1289, 1300..1389,
 >   1400..1489, 1500..1589, 1600..1689, 1700..1789, 1800..1889, [...]
 >   889700..889789, 889800..889889.
I think that there is some kind of misundestanding in our usage of 
numbers. We all use the decimal system, and I doubt that there are many 
people who can really understand the 'greek letter style' numbering we 
are talking about. Neverthless we do encounter this numbering style in 
our daily life, although that I don't think that I have ever seen 
numbers greater than (let's say) 20 or 30.

So maybe it would make sense to only implement 1 to 89 although this 
would be an incomplete implementation.

Searching for examples of today's usage of this style, I found comments 
on Homers Odyssey and it was kind of funny to see that they referred to 
the rapsodies (24 of them) using the simple modern greek alphabet.
which is truly wrong

A correct representation of the rapsodies can be found in
(split in 24 M$ Word files, sorry)

There is moreover a nice image with decimal and ancient-greek style 
equivalence at

look at the first and second column and note that stigma (6) and koppa 
(90) are correctly shown below the big image inside the text

I will also try to look deeper at Christos' algorithm for any comments I 
might have. Personally i feel very uncomfortably because I'm really not 
the right person to have an opinion on this issue beside that a greek 
alpgabetic style numbering system should use the characters as they are 
used today.


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