Re: Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

Shelby Moore wrote:
> "Define 'sentence'." is a command, not a reason.  Any way, maybe it is just
> a cultural difference.  My mistake for taking it negatively.

   "Define 'sentence'" is the first technical question to ask in order 
to get closer to a solution. The EOS charachter might be a solutions, 
but, I guess, it's not W3C's job to define characters. That would have 
to be the Unicode Consortium, or the ISO WG (is it 10646???).

   But even when defining the EOS character, there had to be first some 
implementations, wider acceptance, etc., in order to be considered 

   Plus, and that's a personal opinion, it wouldn't be used 
consistently, as lots of similar facilities provided by editing software 
is not. I'm the only one I know who does not use crlf for spacing 
between paragraphs, or space to center words.

   And, BTW, commas also seperate sentences, but that's not always the case.

> -Shelby Moore


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