Re: Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Shelby Moore wrote:
> So I guess you never thought of adding a end of sentence character to
> Unicode or seeing if one is already defined.

I doubt that many authors would want to add an EOS character at the end of
their sentences as _well_ as a space (you couldn't only have one, since
that wouldn't work on existing UAs). And if you could do that, why not
just put in a wide space?

>>> In English language a sentence ends with a period or question mark followed
>>> by space(s), or end of paragraph.
>> Nope!
> You expect me to hash out an algorithm in 15 minutes. 

(The exclamation mark was just an example of a sentence that didn't match
your definition.)

> Obviously I was just giving some initial examples.  If you think
> sentences can not be parsed, then add an end of sentence character.

I don't think that is generally acceptable as a solution.

> I was just making a suggestion. I did not propose the entire
> implementation. You specifically wanted me to write something that you
> could poke holes in.

Not at all. I thought we were discussing the pros and cons of your
proposal. That is usually how members of the CSS working group develop
ideas: proposals are put forward, knocked down, put forward, knocked down,
and so forth.

> If you feel it is impossible/impractical to implement, then why not
> just say that.

I thought it better to give my reasons and try to see if they could be
overcome rather than dismiss the proposal out of hand. :-)

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