Re: Using CSS for XML Events

>From: "T. V. Raman" <>
>Interesting observation --wonder how the CSS group  feels about
>turning CSS classes to a means of acquiring  interaction behavior
>which is what your suggestion would lead us to.
>What I mean is--
>today you use CSS class="squareFlashingRedButton"
>to get a particular look;
>what you're suggesting is to create
>class="squishyUnresponsiveButton" to mean attach a particular feel to
>all elements having that class.

Since the HTML Class attribute really has little to do with CSS (except to a 
CSS engine), it'd probably be an OK choice to provide classes of event 
handling.  However, you stand the chance of namespace collisions (that is, 
is a specific class value for presentation, or for event wiring?).  Also, it 
is not a good solution for the general case of XML, as not all XML schema 
have classes, while all have IDs.

I'd be surprised if using IDREFs for wireup is really the end goal.  Perhaps 
later they will recommend that XQuery or XPath be used to select nodes for a 
particular event handler.  This has the benefit of quick schema-based event 
wireup, but it's not terribly straight-forward.

Of course, there's always manual wireup using the DOM onLoad.

The latter is conceptually similar to what many languages supporting dynamic 
event handlers do, and makes the most sense to me...


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Received on Monday, 16 December 2002 15:55:33 UTC