Comments on Syntax of CSS Rules in HTML's "style" attribute

    * There should be no comma in the first sentence of the Abstract.
    * There should be a comma after "As a draft document" in the second
      paragraph under "Status of this document".
    * In the same paragraph, the last sentence should read "…as
      reference materials or to cite them as anything other than "works
      in progress.".
    * There should be no comma in the first sentence of the second
      paragraph above the Table of contents.
    * The link in the following paragraph should include the fragment
      identifier for the Working Drafts section.
    * If the headings are to be numbered, it should be done via <ol> or
      stylesheet if possible.
    * Instead of putting "style" in quotation marks, it should be in the
      <code> element and be styled with monospaced font.
    * "whose" should be avoided in the first sentence under "History"
      since the "style" attribute is not a person.
    * There should be a comma after "but" in the first sentence under
    * The comma after "by default" should be removed.
    * There is no need for parentheses in the first sentence.
    * In my opinion, the examples do not have a different meaning in a
      different order so <ul> should be used instead of <ol>.
    * Throughout the examples, should the ellipsis character be used
      instead of three periods.  Three periods have a different meaning
      that an ellipse even if they look the same.
    * The second and third examples seem to be missing semicolon separators.
    * Which has precedence in the case of : <font color="red"
      style="color: green">.  I have never seen that question answered.
    * In the sample text of the example rigth before profiles, should
      "one-off" be "on-off"?
    * There should be no comma in the second sentence of "Extra
      constraints" for 5.2.
    * For 5.3, should "N/A." be "None." for consistency.
    * Should CSS1 be referenced since it is mentioned in section 5?
    * Should CSS3 be referenced?

Brant Langer Gurganus

Received on Thursday, 12 December 2002 21:13:52 UTC