Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Christos Cheretakis wrote:
> Tim Bagot wrote:
>> At 2002-12-11T18:54+0200, Christos Cheretakis wrote:-
>>> The numbering schemes named lower-greek & upper-greek in the draft are
>>> not used (and not even useful) in modern greek. Please, do not invent
>>> them for us!
>> They may not be used in Greek, but they are used elsewhere - not very
>> often, but quite possibly more often than the ancient schemes. Perhaps
>> they ought to be renamed (lower|upper)-greek-alphabetic or similar to
>> reflect this?
> That would be valid when you need a sequence of symbols, like the
> names of variables in a mathematical theorem from your example, or
> something similar. I still insist that it's not correct in a numbering
> context, as it is with lists, where you are counting/assigning numbers
> to the items the list contains.

I have definitely seen English-context lists that use alpha-beta-gamma
list "numbers".

Typically this only occurs with deeply nested lists, or with endnotes.

But it happens.

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