Re: Recommended practice on selector compatibility

Dear Bert, Chris, Ian, Tantek, Tim,

thank you for answering my questions. I now use a combination of your
suggestions, namely providing two rules for the same class in my CSS like

.name { ... }
  along with
*[class=name] { ... }

as well as the idea to not use the space, but the non breaking space as
separator. This now works acceptably with IE 6 Win and Mozilla Mac, the
only two I have come to test so far. Also you were correct that browsers
(even the ones that do not even support CSS1 completely) seem to
implement the CSS2 escape mechanism (incl. ignoring one trailing space) -
which is key to the solution I am now using.

Regards, Christian.

Received on Friday, 6 December 2002 06:21:27 UTC