Re: CSS 2.1 WD and non-CSS presentational hints

On Wednesday, August 28, 2002, 9:36:59 AM, Lachlan wrote:

LC> Could non-CSs presentational hints be defined as:

LC> "Any element of the markup which changes the display
LC> of an element, for which redifining that element to display
LC> in another way would not make sense."

No, the 'would not make sense' is dangerous. Its a default, but
changing it might well make perfect sense.

A common use case would be the stylistic attributes, for example
generated by XSLT which has problems generating CSS. These are clearly
presentational hints, the initial view of a document; since they have
zero specificity then any CSS subsequently applied to that document
restyles it. This makes perfect sense.

LC> Eg, using CSC to redefine b would be stupid, but using it to
LC> redefine strong makes sense.

A non-stupid restyling of (b> would be to use underlining, for
example (a common manuscript convention, where single and doubnle
underliningare used to indicate italics and bold to copy editors).


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