Re: SAX example in Java

Sam Cheung wrote:
> Thanks for your quick response. I actually meant SAC
> (The Simple API for CSS) example in Java. I went to
> the website looking
> for examples in Java (how to parse a CSS and lookup
> rules), but I could not find one there. So I am
> wondering where I can find any examples in that area.

I don't have usage examples for Java SAC handy, but if you've used SAX 
it ought to be very similar. You create a parser, set handlers on it, 
and then receive events according to the interfaces defined in the 
JavaDoc. There's nothing special to it, the main difference is that the 
events don't carry the same names (naturally) and that the objects that 
describe the tokens are more complex than in SAX because that's the way 
CSS is.

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