What are Semantics? (Was: Serving generic XML)

I wrote:
>>It seems to me that we need to be clearer about terminology since 
>>two, seemingly intelligent, individuals interpret the semantic 
>>richness and poverty of XML in two diametrically opposed ways.
>>Andrew Watt

Kynn wrote:

>Terminology is pretty simple.  Semantics equals "meaning."


I suggest you consider the possibility that semantics is a multi-dimensional 
concept with many subtleties. Not in the least "simple".

My post at
lists seven possible aspects/dimensions of semantics.

By suggesting an equality between "semantics" and "meaning" that "simply" 
shifts the analysis to attempting to determine what "meaning" means. Care to 
offer a definition? :) ... That too is not simple and could necessitate 
bringing in additional issues of social and political determinants of 
meaning/semantics (or the interpretation of them) that are far from simple.


Andrew Watt

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