Too classy? (Was: storing info in XSL-FO)

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> > All HTML tells you is that something is a paragraph, a level 1 
> > heading, a table, monospaced, preformatted, and a few other things. 
> > <SINGER>Madonna</SINGER> is more semantic than <SPAN>Madonna</SPAN>. 
> You can combine the two:
>   <span class="singer">Madonna</span>
> which preserves your semantic, while still using HTML and staying
> compatible with hundreds of millions of browsers. Using the CLASS
> attribute you can tranform any XML markup into HTML without losing
> information.


This, I humbly suggest, is a recipe for disaster.

Do you suggest we create a namespace mechanism (or something functionally 
equivalent) for the value of a class attribute?

How else are we to disambiguate,
<span class="title">Queen Elizabeth</span>
<span class="title">School janitor</span>
<span class="title">SVG Unleashed</span>

in a narrative along the (contrived) lines of "Queen Elizabeth visited the 
school and the school janitor showed her a copy of SVG Unleashed in the 
school library"?

How do you suggest we capture structural/contextual semantic information 
within a class attribute?

This all seems too class-y for my taste. :)


Andrew Watt

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