Re: storing info in XSL-FO: new issue? [was: Draft TAG Finding:...]

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>"information SHOULD be stored _and_ delivered with
> markup that is as semantically rich as achievable."

Sure; it would be really "hefty" if we could do that.

But, sorry to say, there is nothing available from W3C that lets that
happen; (not that I had expected that in the first place)

>And provide a scale of the relative semantic richness of various formats,
>something like:
>    Semantic richness of various content formats
>               (diagram not to scale)
> MOST.......................................LEAST
>      MathML  (X)HTML  SVG  XSLFO  XML  PNG

What is it that makes that list of "dummies" usable in a www context
when noting in their specs refers to their NOTATIONS in a usable way ?

>Though others have provided much more detail and description on this topic.
>See various WAI documents and independent papers [1].

We don't need to; Judy is running her own show over there...


Look at the bottom of the page...


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