Re: Float overflowing behavior!

On Sunday 18 August 2002 3:43 pm, Ian Hickson wrote:
|  On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, C. Bottelier wrote:
|  > To summarize an element can be made float inorder to achieve the
|  > 6 cases seen in this thread.
|  For the benefits of the working group, could you summarise these 6 cases
|  as well? At least one of the six cases can be done using CSS1 (see
| so it's
|  not completely clear that all the proposed properties are needed.

yes, it would be nice to see all 6 cases separatly, with small (<2K) testcases

|  While some of the suggested properties look very interesting, we are of
|  course very wary of adding 3 new properties without looking very carefully
|  at the requirements. Also, changing 'float', a property that was
|  introduced in CSS1 and still has no completely correct implementation, is

Can you expand please what is incorrect in 'float' implementation in Mozilla 
and Konqueror?
I am familair with MS IE bugs, but both Mozilla and Konqueror handle 'float' 
o.k., IMO.

|  something that would have to be considered very carefully indeed.
|  Cheers,


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