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On Thursday 15 August 2002 6:41 pm, Joshua Prowse wrote:
|  > What's wrong with using PNG or MNG as a cursor?
|  >
|  > If  X11 (XFree86, I guess) has limitation - that XFree86 should be
|  > fixed, not KDE/Konqueror.
|  >
|  > P.S. as MS IE has support for PNG, I guess Microsoft can implement
|  > support for cursors in PNG format, too.
|  Why?  Why highjack the PNG and MNG formats and then make custom additions
| so that they're no longer valid?  That would be just as proprietary as
| supporting the existing Windows .cur and .ani formats.

Who said about hijacking the PNG and MNG formats?

|  Or are you suggesting that PNG and MNG be the actual formats without
| additions and then only support a subset of what .cur and .ani support?

I am speaking about using .png and .mng "as is".
If PNG/MNG miss something from .cur and .ani, than missing parts should be 
added to png and mng via standard "add feature" procedure.

basically, CSS should use:

 cursor: url ("mycursor.png")

that's it.
and mycursor.png can be 32x32 png, or 128x128, or whatever (22x46)
At *any* image depth (8bit/24bit/32bit)

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