Re: storing info in XSL-FO: new issue? [was: Draft TAG Finding:...]

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> I'll leave it to the editor(s) to address your suggestion about
> the text of the finding, but it seems to me that just omitting
> XSL-FO from that phrase won't address the issue you raise
> about whether it's appropriate to use XSL-FO to store
> information.
> It looks like a new issue.

A new issue for TAG perhaps, but the WAI PF WG have been tackling such
issues for a number of months now as part of the work on the XML
Accessibility Guidelines. I refer you to checkpoint 2.1 of the current
working draft:-
- 2.1 Ensure all semantics are captured in markup in a repurposeable form.
XML Accessibility Guidelines
W3C Working Draft 29 August 2001

I'm not sure how much of this is an architecural issue rather than
accessibility; I suppose that this is for the chairs of the relevant groups
to decide.

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