Re: Float overflowing behavior

There is even a fifth case of different float behaviour

   / \ This a is piture that float to the left.
  /   \ For the document tghe author finds ir
 /     \ nice to have the text not to flow
/       \ around the box of the image element
| _  __ | but likes it to flow around the
|| ||__|| contour of the picture data.
|| |    | 
--------- This behaviour requires an attribute
to specify that the text should flow around the
contours of the picture. To be able to find
this contour the  alpha channel of the image
could be used.

For this the following property could be used:

  Name: float-contour
  Value: contour | box | inherit
  Initial: box
  Applies to: block-level, non-replaced elements with float other than
  Inherited: no
  Media: visual


Received on Thursday, 15 August 2002 03:49:27 UTC