Some text-decoration issues


A question brought up by css-discuss made me think that maybe 
text-decoration is a bit flawed; if you set text-decoration to underline on 
a div, then in that have a span with text-decoration set to none, the 
underline of the div continues through the span. Now, this is all a good 
thing I think, since it enables me to through magic use another colour on 
my underline than the text it underlines. BUT, there is no way to exclude 
an element within that div from getting the underline. I think 
text-decoration needs no-underline, no-overline, no-line-through and 
no-blink, each of which would remove any text-decoration of the specified 
type from the element, including the text-decoration that a parent element 
provides. Of course they should be mutually exclusive with their counterpart.

// Liorean

Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2002 11:14:17 UTC