Re: New drafts, CSS 2.1, css3-webfonts, css3-fonts, css3-background, css3-ui

Kai Lahmann wrote:
> the biggest problem I see, is, that those cursors are system dependant.
> MSIE6 uses a Windows only format, KDE's konqueror tries to render normal
> images as a cursor (which looks awefull because of X11 limitations).
> Until there isn't any system independant standard for cursor images this
> property doesn't make much sense.

This indicates the need dor a system independant standard cursor format.
The CSS specification could make a sugestion about it but is not the
correct place to do so. So it calls for a draft for (web) icons.

Having the support for cursors dropped for the reason "not all user
do support the same icon format" is false. The support for
should be dropped for the same reason, just because it is possible for
author to use an image format only supported by 1 or a few user agents.


Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2002 05:23:40 UTC