Re: CSS2.1: Markers are needed!

> >position:fixed is supported by two (actually more) user agents today - and
> >quite interoperably as well.
> >
> it's implemented by 4 (Mozilla, Opera 5/6, konquero 2/3 and MSIE for 
> Mac). At least the frist tree doesn't have any bugs.

"don't have any bugs" is a very strong (and false in this case, as it
happens) statement.

> overflow:auto; should be specified as "optional scrollbars", and not as 
> "depends on useragent", else even handling it as a overflow:visible 
> whould satisfy the spec (which could destroy the layout..)

What about useragents not using scrollbars as the overflow mechanism (eg
usign a marquee-like overflow mechanism)?

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Received on Tuesday, 13 August 2002 23:14:09 UTC