Re: Why is the style tag restricted to the head?

> > I for one have decided to participate in the XHTML2 definition process
> > (constructively this time, you will all be amazed with what I can do
> > when I put that side of me to it :) and one of my first suggestions
> > will be to eliminate the STYLE element all together from the specs.
> >
>I would hate to see it go. One thing I like about some html, is that you 
>make it standalone.

I agree with your statement.  I think it's good to have the capability of a 
self-contained document.

I also think that the STYLE element is overused.  Supporting enclosed 
documents is great, but I submit that the STYLE element is used for much 
more than that.

I do think that allowing STYLE anywhere but head is dangerous, as is the 
STYLE attribute.

  -Jeremy Dunck

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Received on Thursday, 8 August 2002 16:01:29 UTC