Features missing in background graphics through css


Trying to create a page using the same graphics several times, as 
background, but on elements not of the same size, I on some issues found 
the CSS specs lacking.

First, I'd like to be able to position the center of some graphics, without 
knowing the size of either the container or the image, at the exact center 
of the container. Currently, I can only position the upper left corner of 
the graphics in any given spot. Same thing of course applies to positioning 
the bottom right corner of the graphics in the bottom right corner of the 
container, and most combinations in between as well.

Second, I find myself missing a way to stretch a background graphics either 
to fill the entire container or to fill just the horizontal or vertical 
space, possibly with repeating in the other direction.

Some element such as 'background-stretching' with values 'stretch', 
'stretch-x', 'stretch-y', 'no-stretch', 'inherit' could be needed, or 
possibly one (or several) a bit more specific telling how much to stretch, 
in length either absolute or proportional to container element, in each 

As for the first issue, either moving the anchor point of the graphics 
together with the anchor point of the container or introducing a separate 
way of defining anchor point of the graphics would solve it.

// Liorean

Received on Wednesday, 7 August 2002 17:10:05 UTC