Comments on CSS2.1 LC

I've got a few comments and questions about the changes from CSS2 to 2.1:

[6.4.3] The decision to give the style attribute precedence over even an !important flag may cause authors problems, since it may sometimes be necessary to have a style in the document for compatibility with older browsers that is overridden by the style sheet when needed in newer browsers.

[8.4] Why was padding removed from affecting everything except table cells and the caption?

[17.4.1] Why remove the ability to place a table caption on the left or right? I see no reason why a page author wouldn't want the caption placed on the side of a table.

Page breaks. Why have support for orphans and widows been removed? This is a very important tool in making sure that printed output looks good. And why remove @page? This is the only way to specify that a (wide) table is to be printed in landscape, while the rest of the document is printed portrait. This has been a convention in printed matter for a long time, and is needed on the Web, to ensure that tables can be seen completely.

Received on Monday, 5 August 2002 18:07:01 UTC