Re: css layout should be symmetrical

Don't put away the white-out yet.  You're going to need to rewrite 
more of that spec to get it to conform to your revisionist version of 
history.  (Aren't these kinds of fundamental changes in a technology 
traditionally accounted for by releasing new versions of the 
specification rather than manipulating one that's already been 
released for over three years piecemeal until it suits your own 
self-serving agenda?)

Let's break this down into simple terms.  Do the table display types 
assign table semantics to an arbitrary element?

On Sat, 06 Apr 2002 18:34:39 +0100, Ian Hickson wrote:
>Thanks to the people who pointed out where the spec said that table
>types shouldn't be used in HTML.
>For the record, that section of the spec has been rewritten. It now
>#   User agents may ignore these 'display' property values for HTML
>#   elements, since HTML tables may be rendered using other
>algorithms intended
>#   for backwards compatible rendering.
>As the errata says, the intention was that a UA may refuse to render
>an HTML
>table as anything else than a table. The sentence was not meant to
>the use of 'display: table' on other, non-table elements in HTML.
>So please people. Go out and use the table display types in HTML.
>There is
>nothing wrong with doing so. What is wrong is using the HTML table
>elements for
>non-tabular data, an all-too-common technique.

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