Re: Errata in CSS3 selectors


section 4:

  A sequence of simple selectors is a chain of simple selectors that are
  not separated by a combinator. It always begin with a type selector or
  a universal selector. No other type selector or universal selector is
  allowed in the sequence. 

the last sentence is at least misleading, since the :not() pseudo class




The second sentence is also misleading, the universal selector may be
omitted if it's not the only simple selector in a sequence, e.g.

  .class { }

section 7.1 (and 7.2):

  the word "fictional" as in "fictional tag sequence" should be
  <strong>ly emphasised

  I hope I already reported, that the sequence is wrong, as in CSS
  Level 2, please check the errata

  CSS Level 2 says in section 5.10

  Conforming HTML user agents may ignore all rules with :first-line or
  :first-letter in the selector, or, alternatively, may only support a
  subset of the properties on these pseudo-elements.

  This statement could not be found in the W3C selectors draft, it
  should be added in section 13 or someone has to tell me, why
  user agents must fully implement these pseudo elements now

I like to see a reference to RFC 2119 (BCP 14) for definitions of MUST,
SHOULD, etc.
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