Re: CSS3: default namespace

The mechanism for specifying a default namespace has been there from the

The syntax is:
@namespace url(...);

The prefix part is optional.

Expect to see the definition of the @namespace rule within the CSS3 syntax /
grammar module (along with all the other @rules).

Namespaces on Attribute selectors is described in section 6.3.3 of the
current Selectors module.

You may want to refer to the original proposal if you want to see it all in
one place (nothing regarding namespaces has really changed since then).

With the move to modularize CSS3 the Namespace proposal wound up getting
split apart a bit. Everything about them except the @rule really does belong
in with the selector definitions. I expect to see cross reference links
appear as the modules progress...


Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

> Hi,
>    Since XHTML documents commonly just belong to one singe namespace,
> I'd like to have a simple method to declare the default namespace. I
> couldn't find anything in the CSS3 Selectors draft; to be honest, I
> think the three namespace sections should be put into one section; I
> already wanted to complain the omission of namespaces for attribute
> selectors since I couldn't find them in the draft. The new section could
> be made up like
>   5 Namespaces in CSS
>         5.1 Element selectors
>         5.2 Attribute selectors
>         5.3 The universal selector
>         5.4 Backward compatibility
> Anyway, does the spec already include a method to match all elements in
> the XHTML namespace without using this namespace each time? Section
> 6.1.1 talks of a default namespace and says, what happens if none is
> selected, but it doesn't say how to do that. I thought of something like
>   @namespace "";
>   p::first-line { text-line-through-color: rgb(7,155,32) }
> or
>   @namespace * url(;
>   p::first-line { text-line-through-color: rgb(7,155,32) }
> How to refer to elements in the default namespace with the | namespace
> separator syntax?
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