Re: first-word pseudo-element

Le Jeudi 17 Mai 2001 15:14, a écrit :
> > My answer, posted also on a regular basis, is the following one : what is
> > a word ?
> Couldn't the element allow the definition of a character to specify word
> seperaters?

No, as Daniel Glazman said, the notion of word is different in every 
language; and many do not even use word separator (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, 
Thai, etc.) so this definition would be useless in such languages.

I guess another reason why we don't want such a thing is that the first word, 
whatever it is with respect to the language(s) of the document, can be tagged 
explicitely by the author, which is not the case for other things that will 
depend on the final layout done by the client on the reader side (e.g. the 
first line of a paragraph.)


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