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Last Call CSS Mobile profile and (potentially) XForms

From: Micah Dubinko <MDubinko@cardiff.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 15:30:59 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <BE47764CFF7D0549B1163F849BC6A8D1244687@csmail.cardiff.com>
The current XForms WD uses an interesting "dynamic constraints" language
based on XPath.

Would it be worthwhile to examine using a subset (specifically the CSS
Mobile subset) of CSS selectors within XForms?

After our recent f2f (26&27 Feb) along with contact with other WGs, I've
started thinking about alternative solutions to the way we handle addressing
(binding expressions) in XForms.

One issue to resolve would be that CSS selectors, like XPath, tend to match
multiple elements instead of single elements, as XForms tend to require.
This needs to be solved whether we use XPath or CSS selectors.

Another consideration is that CSS selectors address elements only, not
attributes. This tradeoff may (or may not) be worth the additional
simplicity relative to XPath. CSS selectors are very likely to be already
implemented in Web browsers, which are a prime target for XForms.

Disclaimer: This is quite possibly a ridiculous idea, but it would be nice
to at least do some short-term analysis while both specs are still WD...


Micah Dubinko
co-Editor, XForms
Received on Tuesday, 6 March 2001 10:22:46 UTC

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