I've finally finished my Perl implementation of SAC (CSS::SAC). Given that
I couldn't find a sufficient number of complex enough style sheets to test
it with (I've only tested with a number of simpler ones), I haven't put it
on CPAN yet. If you are interested in CSS parsing in Perl, please grab this
alpha at http://www.berjon.com/perl/CSS-SAC-alpha.tar.gz.

This is what the readme says:

This module implements a SAC interface for Perl. It has a good deal of
documentation already, with more to come. Please start by looking at the
POD for CSS::SAC itself, you may also wish to have a look at
CSS::SACPrinter's code which exposes the interface expected from SAC
handlers (which I will document in a spec'ish way soon). If you have any
questions don't hesitate to contact me.


Right now it has no Makefile, this will come when it is released to CPAN.
Simply copy the CSS directory tree into your @INC somewhere and the module
will be installed.

There also are no tests included, although I do have some tests of my own.
You may use the provided module CSS::SACPrinter which demonstrates a simple
SAC handler that prints SAC events back as CSS to STDOUT to conduct some
tests. Testing is highly encouraged, the reason why this prerelease exists
is to compensate somehow for the fact that I have been unable to find a
sufficient number of complex enough CSS sheets to test it on. Over time I
will build these sheets myself, and add test cases, but if anyone has any
such parser testing bunch of sheets, I'd be happy to have it.


Support for CSS::Parser more or less discontinued when I started to work on
this module, which unfortunately took its time in coming (not that long to
actually code, but two intercontinental moves and various other things got
in the way). This module is officially supported and CSS::Parser is
officially deprecated. Thanks to all the people that provided patches, and
sorry to all those that asked questions while I was away. You may contact
me at the following address: 

  Robin Berjon <robin@knowscape.com>

Change History

04/03/2001  alpha mark I
before      the ugly and broken CSS::Parser (now obsolete)

-- robin b.
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