RE: CSS in XML Documents

>> However, I have a question. Are we sure that such a 
>> development is not started ? Is some group working on the idea 
>> (or not) at this time ?
>Exactly. The W3C has been working on XSL FO for some time. It can't get
>any closer to CSS than that.
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I currently read the specification of XSL. Even if both XSL and CSS are
stylesheet languages, they don't work the same way.

XSL describes operations to transform an XML document to another XML
document, which can be HTML. While CSS associate styles to elements.

Note also that CSS and XSL are not concurrents but complements. We need both
of them because they are differents. [CSS is easy to learn, while XSL is
not]. I personally do not use XSL because it's a complex way of styling

This is why having CSS accessible via XML syntax sounds good.

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Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2001 05:25:04 UTC