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Most of the time, I'm just a reader of the messages.

About the xcss you are speaking about, I had the same idea 
some months ago. At first, I was just asking myself why css 
has a non-xml syntax. History seems to be the main reason.

Such a development should be done in order to unify the syntax 
of all xml-related components. By unifying the syntax, we will 
be able to make xml parsers more efficients when parsing the 
xml tree of the documents.

A lot of other reasons could be given to promote the move to 
xcss (or equivalent).

However, I have a question. Are we sure that such a 
development is not started ? Is some group working on the idea 
(or not) at this time ?

For now, I'm waiting the response of the W3C... like you.


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>It seems as though this is something which would be useful to 
>others. Is 
>the W3C interested in creating a standard that encompasses this idea? 
>The ability to transform style information with XSLT seems 
>pretty useful.
>Wes Morgan

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