Re: @version rule

* Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>> I sympathize with the idea of an @version statement. I would be great if
>> I can specify "process this block only if you support all used
>> @rules/property-value pairs/selectors/etc."
>@version will _not_ give you that ability, as pointed out by Ian.  What
>@version will do is let you say "if you think you support cssX, process
>this block".  A UA can then proceed to process that block even if it
>does not have full support for all the declarations in it but thinks its
>cssX support is good enough.

"@version" will give me absoluely nothing, it has no defined semantics.
I say'd only that I sympathize with the idea, not with the proposed
semantics. It's not possible to have the proposed mechanismn, support
for a CSS Version is mutually exclusive, if a user agent supports CSS
Level 3, it cannot support CSS Level 1 or 2 and likewise (according to
the latest drafts).
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