RE: @version rule

> From:	Peter S. Linss []
> The feature is already built in, it's called the cascade and forward
> compatible parsing.
[DJW:]  The problem with this is that it works on an
attribute by attribue basis, so you can't provide an
alternative to a missing feature, only provide fallback
values for partly implemented attributes.

In addition, there are probably no complete implementations
of any one version, so fallback by version is not

What is really needed sometimes is the ability
to have all or nothing processing, so that a fallback
is applied for all attributes/pseudo elements if
any is not implemented.

I seem to remember that a mis-implementation in one
browser maeant that the balance of a rule was 
ignored following an unknown attribute.  Although
this was an error, it did allow some level of 
multi-attribute fallback.

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