RE: comments on WD-css3-box-20010726

I noticed that "math", "flow", and "text" are referenced as valid values
for display-model even though they're not.

I vote for the box-width and box-height properties as opposed to
box-sizing in order to maintain backwards compatibility with CSS 1 and 2
Unless my @version suggestion is accepted in which case I vote for
box-sizing in order to decrease the number of new properties.

Sample stylesheet:
@version "2";	/*ignored by old user agents*/
div	{width: 48%; padding:5px}	/*trying to get the content size
@version "3"
	div	{box-sizing:border-box; width:50%; padding:5px}	
		/*ignored by old user agents because of "invalid"

<div>I'm the left column</div>
<div>I'm the right column</div>
<!--or however this would actually work-->

Jeffrey Yasskin

Received on Thursday, 26 July 2001 21:55:43 UTC