Re: Stretchy backgrounds? (background-width,height properties)

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001, Stuart Ballard wrote:
> Some time ago, I posted in the newsgroup a question
> that boiled down to "Does CSS support background-width and
> background-height properties? If not, will it be in CSS3?". The answer I
> received can be found in
> news://, but
> amounts to "the CSS WG doesn't think this is useful".

Actually, the CSSWG simply hasn't gotten around to working on the
background module of CSS3, since much more pressing issues (i18n, text,
selectors, css2 errata, etc) have been taking out time. It is likely that
when this module is worked on, background-size will be accepted. I hope
so, anyway, and intend to strongly argue the case! :-)

Note that the post you quote didn't say that the WG was against it, the
post was merely saying that it was "probable". Pure conjecture.

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