Re: Stretchy backgrounds? (background-width,height properties)

Jelks Cabaniss wrote:
> "text-transform: small-caps" should similarly be revisited IMO.
> "capitalize" has been proposed for addition in CSS3 in addition to
> "uppercase" and "lowercase", so why not "small-caps"?  One objection to
> small-caps has been that it's not "useful"[1].  This may be true, but
> the frequency of it in print would seem to disprove it.  The other
> objection are supposedly i18n issues (the XSL WD has marked
> "text-transform" as deprecated on such grounds!).  But that's silly --
> if a character set isn't amenable to case-transformation, text-transform
> would be ignored!

Sorry if I've missed something important, but what would this buy you
that you can't already get with font-variant: small-caps? (In fact, you
could get some interesting effects by the *combination* of this with
text-transform: capitalize - this would give you a large-cap first
letter of each word and the rest in small-cap.

> Another item that should be revisited -- if it hasn't been already
> (there was a recent thread on this[2]) -- is a means of selecting the
> first so many "words".  I've heard the objections a million times, but
> this is requested too often to just dismiss because some languages don't
> have word separators.  And there has already been an i18n-friendly
> proposal of getting around this -- ::content-to(" ", 5).
> Looking forward to something along the lines of ...
>      div.chapter + p::content-to(" ",3) {
>          text-transform: small-caps;
>      }

I thought there was something like this in XPointer. Wouldn't it be a
great feature if you could use an XPointer expression as a CSS selector?

(In combination with something like Mozilla's XBL, this would be a
wonderful way to do a standards-compliant alternative to MS's "smart


#xpointer(string-range(//body,"Open Source") {
a.smarttag { color: green };


<binding id="opensource">
    <html:a href=""

Of course, we should make sure that it's the *user* that gets to specify
these, not some arbitrary person, even if it's a nice arbitrary


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