Inclusion of developers' ideas (was 'Stretchy backgrounds?...')

i admit that i really don't know how the W3C is organized (which is in part 
why i am asking my question), but please, see below...

>From: Dylan Schiemann <>
>--- Stuart Ballard <> wrote:
> > <snip summary="there should be a background-size property; W3C
> > isn't listening/>
>It is my experience that most new ideas or major
>objections to drafts and recommendations are pretty
>much ignored except when it comes to correcting errors
>or clarifying the spec.  While this may be harsh, even
>those proposals which are liked by many of the members
>and which undergo much discussion on this list rarely
>result in action.

*ouch* that is harsh.  but i've found the same to be true.

>I also think that the working group gets tired of
>hearing bad ideas such as the frequent request to add
>colored scrollbars.

(hey! there should be a scrollbar pseudo-class!)

>But there are develoeprs out
>there with extensive experience working with css that
>actually do come up with ideas that are good.  I feel
>that the working group does little or nothing to make
>use of this group of people (or if they do, it
>certainly isn't verbalized).

again, sad but true.

>I've pretty much given
>up putting effort into proposing new ideas because I
>have yet to see anything come out of them.

i have, on the other hand, been a little more optomistic than Dylan so far 
and given the W3C the benefit of the doubt.  i've simply assumed that it 
takes X amount of time to implement new ideas. however X should only be 
allowed to grow but so large.

i can't stand to see any group be vilified without saying anything in their 
own defense, however.  would any member of the W3C (or anyone who has 
knowledge of how they work) please tell the group if and how the W3C takes 
our ideas into consideration?  are the lists just to provide peace of mind?  
do we actually have a say, or is the W3C just faking it?


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Received on Sunday, 8 July 2001 13:39:25 UTC