Re: % height on <html> (was Re: Table height/width properties)

* Tantek Celik wrote:
>> No, the document root is always the parent of the document ("root")
>> element, don't mix them up.
>The document tree consists of elements, therefore the root of the document
>tree is the root element.

No, the document tree consists of nodes and the top-most node is the
root node. Consider e.g. the following document

  <?xml version='1.0'?>
  <?php print("Hello World"); ?>
  <elem />

The root node has two children, the processing instruction node and the
element node. The CSS Level 2 specification talks exactly about this
root node and not the document element, that is defined as beeing a
children of the root node. See the XML Infoset, the DOM or the XPath and
XQuery Data Models on this issue, they all say the same thing.

With this model in mind, the CSS Level 2 recommendation makes great
sense, however, I let it to the authors to say, what their intention

>CSS does not discuss anything else structural outside of the document's tree
>of elements.  CSS does discuss the viewport, but that is a presentational
>abstraction - not a structural one.

No argument here.
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