IE5.1/Mac ships with CSS improvements

I am happy to announce that we have shipped Internet Explorer 5.1 (now 
available for MacOS 8 & 9 in addition to MacOS X) with the Tasman
presentation engine.  Just a 5.4MB download from here:

Building on the solid support for W3C standards in Tasman which shipped in
IE5/Mac (CSS-1, HTML4, PNG 1.0, ECMA 262, DOM 1.0 HTML), this release
consists primarily of bug fixes and performance improvements.

It is probably of interest to this list that we have made numerous CSS fixes
and improvements (mostly esoteric), for example:

- improved/stricter keyword parsing [1]
- case sensitive treatment of class and ID [2]
- application of CSS style sheets to XML [3]
- CSS character escapes [4]
- CSS2 Universal Selector '*' [5]
- CSS2 Child Selector '>' (nondeterministic matching) [6]
- CSS2 Adjacent Sibling Selector '+' (nondeterministic matching) [7]
- Specificity of non-CSS presentational hints [8]
- font-weight values [9]
- CDO/CDC parsing in inline style sheets [10]
- styling of <hr>, <br> elements [11]
- collapsing empty HTML <p> elements as display:none [12]
- ignoring invalid @imports [13]

Aside from these improvements, a few interesting user interface improvements
have been made such as the ability to drag and drop arbitrary images and
hyperlinks (and hyperlinked images) to the button bar.


Tantek Çelik                               
Development Lead, Tasman Presentation Engine






[6] note the last test: "(this test is harder than the others!)."

[7] note the last test: "This should be maroon"







Received on Wednesday, 19 December 2001 14:00:04 UTC