Re: getComputedStyle() behavior

> Netscape returns an actual value in pixels for 'left', ...  though I
> don't know on what basis it is determining the point of reference for
> the offset...

Trust me, you don't want to know... :)

> should the behavior exhibited by Netscape be relied upon, that is can
> it be considered the definitive conforming behavior in this scenario
> (I doubt it)?

No.  That behavior has been removed as of early November.  So the next
Netscape release (and the 0.9.7 Mozilla milestone) will in fact behave
quite differently.  The values it returns will be based on the specified
style, not the actual position on the page.

I too would be interested in a clarification of the spec here (possibly
an official one, to be placed in the errata?)

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Received on Sunday, 9 December 2001 16:42:56 UTC