Re: Behavioral Extensions to CSS

* Ian Hickson wrote:
>>   * How do XBL, HTC and BECSS help CSS to fullfill it's goal to provide
>>     a way to "attach style to structured documents"?
>They don't. They help another goal, which is the ability to attach style
>to web based applications, a fuzzy concept for which there is a lot of
>demand and for which Microsoft, Netscape and others are currently
>developing non-interoperable solutions. Since the aim of the W3C is to
>increase interoperability of web based solutions, the W3C is where those
>companies are coming together to discuss their solutions.


>The CSS working group is the home of this project through happenstance --
>the right people being in the same place at the same time -- rather than
>anything else. As this area grows, it is quite possible that one or more
>other working groups will be formed to cover the issue.

Well, this should be part of the W3C Interaction Domain's work and not
of the W3C Document Formats Domain. However, BECSS is currently listed
as a CSS Level 3 module in the current roadmap, so, is it expectable
that the CSS WG considers to include features outlined there will be
included in CSS Level 3 or is it more likely, that any results of the
related work will make it into something else, possibly re-using or
incorporation CSS features?
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