Re: Is there a way...

Jan Roland Eriksson wrote:

> Objections would have been minimal if this addition had been suggested
> as a part of CSS3 only, but what has been demonstrated here is foul
> play...see also a discussion on exactly this subject in ciwas,
> starts here...

What are you exactly objecting about, Jan ? (/me thinks that you always
object). And, ne vous en déplaise, ciwas is *not* an official place of
discussion for W3C issues.

Underscores were previously forbidden in all CSS identifiers, so allowing
them now does not break any existing practice and I hardly see any reason
to complain about it. CSS 2 is applicable to XML and CSS 2 did not allow
identifiers beginning with an underscore. That *had* to be a CSS 2 errata.


Received on Thursday, 12 April 2001 03:44:13 UTC